Speaking ahead of this month’s Betting on Sports America conference, Peter Woodfine of Vermantia says better sports betting facilities that combine live pictures, fast and correct data, and modern self-service wagering solutions represent a massive opportunity for the country’s retail operators.

SBC Americas: What are you looking forward to at Betting on Sports America?

PW: We’re looking forward to speaking with US operators and their partners about their sportsbook facilities, whether that’s on the casino floor or via the platform provider that is helping with an in-venue mobile solution or wider online facility.

It seems to us that there are great opportunities to provide their customers with live action, fast and appropriate data, and a convenient way to utilize both to have a bet.

We’ve seen this is the sweet spot in retail sportsbook in Europe and Africa in recent years. I’m convinced operators can provide a more engaging user experience with this live data, engaging visuals, and round the clock live action.

SBCA: What unique opportunities do you see for US casinos?

PW: Whenever I’m in Vegas, I see sports zones in casinos that have wall to wall sport on the TVs above drinkers and diners. There are clearly sports betting facilities in these places but sat in front of most on the tables and embedded in the bar tops are video poker machines… Why, would be my question!

For my money, these could be replaced by the next generation of self-service betting terminals, such as our V-POS and FLAVOR  solutions – which place a myriad of betting opportunities right under the nose of customers. These can be cashless or voucher-based for later cash collection, depending on what suits. We can also add live-streamed picture and data to the over-head product mix from round-the-clock horse and greyhound racing.

This is high quality and from a wide variety of countries, providing highly engaging content. It will offer both a new competitive edge to casino operators, as well as the ability to provide a completely new type of entertainment and betting experience.

SBCA: Do you think US bettors will be receptive to this type of content?

PW: Without a doubt. Land-based casino customers are obviously used to machine-based wagering so there is nothing to frighten them with the technology. But secondly, greyhound racing in particular is very similar to the spin-and-win wagering that is part and parcel of any casino. It is not dissimilar to virtual games in that respect. People enjoy having a bet and want to know soon after if they’ve won.

You don’t need to have studied the form in detail to enjoy the live action that comes thick and fast. Thanks to the rights deals we have with leading course and track owners around the world this content can be guaranteed at any time of the day and night.