Gaming tech specialist Newgioco Group Inc has entered into a multi-year agreement with the Chippewa Cree Tribe in Box Elder, Montana to deploy its ELYS sports betting platform at the Northern Winz Casino.

Raymond Parker, General Manager of Northern Winz Casino, explained more about the deal, saying: “After thoroughly exploring several betting providers, we are extremely pleased to have selected Newgioco to provide Class 1 betting solutions for our tribal casino. Newgioco’s management team continued to work closely with our representatives for several months and demonstrated a considerable shared vision to help our council fully understand the unique aspects and risks of this new business line for our community.”

He added: They were the only betting provider we found that dedicated a team of experts to quickly customize an indigenous game offering for tribal casino operators. To reach our selection of Newgioco, we considered their unblemished track record of regulated sports betting and virtual gaming operations in Europe, their united team approach to working with us, as well as the extraordinary customization and in-depth risk management of the ELYS platform that perfectly suits our unique tribal needs.”

Newgioco CEO Michele Ciavarella noted: “While we await a decision on sports betting in Montana and many other states, this united partnership with the Chippewa Cree allows us to pioneer a unique library of Class 1 indigenous games so that tribal casino patrons can bet on their favorite games in safe, regulated environment.

“The agreement with Chippewa Cree aligns with our core business of connecting with our clients by creating innovative tribal focused betting solutions through our ELYS platform and the many advantages this partnership can offer to the tribal gaming community as a whole.”