The PGA Tour has softened its stance on sponsorships with gambling companies and said it will now consider proposals from gambling firms seeking official partnership with all of its six tours, while tournaments and players may also sign such sponsorships. The new regime will only apply to larger casino and fantasy sports operators in the US, though. Sports betting firms such as William Hill will be able to apply for sponsorship but only on tours outside the US.

The PGA Tour’s change of heart has already been welcomed by golfers who are now free to establish deals with casinos and fantasy sports firms. And it is in keeping with a more conciliatory approach being taken between professional sports bodies and the gambling sector following the strike down of PASPA last year.

Five-time PGA Tour winner Billy Horschel, quoted by Reuters, said: “I know there are guys out there who have been approached about deals or have potential deals in place. Deals are coming, and I think the Tour is being proactive.”

Bosses have also opened up new opportunities for gambling companies to be considered as official marketing partners for all six PGA tours and tournaments.