Don Best Sports has moved to assure and offer advice to customers in the wake of a malware attack on its database that occurred prior to its acquisition by Scientific Games last November. The letter confirmed that no credit card information was accessed or acquired by the hackers and that the firm’s database is now secure, with added measures in place to improve security.

A separate statement issued by parent company SG said: “Scientific Games acquired Don Best, the US leading sports betting odds information service provider, on November 1, 2018. As part of our rigorous due diligence, our cyber security review indicated that a Don Best database was compromised in October, prior to our acquisition. We are in the process of notifying Don Best’s customers that no credit card information has been accessed or acquired. In addition, the Don Best database is now secure and Scientific Games’ database has not been compromised.”

In its letter, Don Best advised: “On December 21, 2018, while integrating the newly acquired Don Best network with that of Scientific Games, we learned that unauthorized individuals may have accessed the Don Best network. We immediately began an investigation and learned that between October 12, 2018 and October 28, 2018 Don Best suffered a malware attack.

“Based on Don Best’s investigation to date, we believe that the unauthorized user accessed a Don Best database from which the unauthorized user accessed or acquired customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and usernames (which is a customer’s e-mail address) and passwords. While the database at issue also stored credit card information, our investigation indicates that no credit card information was accessed or acquired.”

In reassuring customers, Don Best added that it has taken steps to remove the malware and to further improve the security of its network. The firm is also resetting all customer passwords. “Your trust is a top priority for Don Best, and we deeply regret the inconvenience this may cause,” it told customers.