The American Gaming Association (AGA) has published yet another body of research, this time focusing on how the nation’s gamblers are enjoying their gaming experiences in a responsible manner. The study, produced by the Mellman Group on behalf of the association, has found that bettors report setting budgets, sticking to them and being aware of available responsible gaming resources at significantly high rates.

The findings also show that nine in 10 casual bettors set a budget before they visit a casino and that 90 per cent of those visitors report success in tracking their spending. Furthermore, eight in 10 casual casino visitors and nine in 10 avid casino visitors are aware of responsible gaming resources.

“Responsible gaming is our industry’s top priority,” said Bill Miller, President and CEO of the AGA. “This research indicates that our unwavering commitment to responsibility is resonating with our customers. But success in this key area will never mean our work is done, and we look forward to continuing to work with gaming regulators, our partners in the fight against problem gambling and our employees to ensure customers continue to engage in this form of mainstream entertainment responsibly.”

The research comes on the heels of a recent AGA study that highlighted continued growth in acceptance of gaming. It indicates that 88 per cent of American adults view gambling as an acceptable form of entertainment. Americans also have a positive view of the industry’s role as a community partner, with 80 per cent of people recognizing gaming’s role as a job creator, and 6 in 10 Americans believing casinos help their local economies.

“Gaming has made great strides over the past few years with the public increasingly recognizing our industry as the community partner and economic driver we know it to be,” continued Miller. “I look forward to working with our members and all interested stakeholders to build upon this great momentum in the years to come.”