New Jersey-based digital sportsbook, PointsBet has launched a new NBA betting offer that will allow bettors to receive early payouts for any moneyline bet when the team they wagered on is leading at halftime.

The firm, which has partnered with NBA legend Allen Iverson, is offering this one-of-a-kind promotion to be paid at half time on any moneyline bets placed between now and the end of All-Star Weekend (Feb. 17, 2019) guaranteed, even if the bettor’s team loses.

For example, if a customer bet on the Knicks to win at the moneyline (i.e. to win the match), and they are leading at halftime, PointsBet will grade the bet as a winner at halftime and reward that customer with an immediate payout. In addition to this good faith demonstration of looking out for all of its customers, the company’s “Stay Sharp” philosophy also extends to many other realms. That includes, it said, providing bettors with highly competitive prices, informative educational content, and an exclusive rewards program not seen before in the US sports betting landscape.

“We are dedicated to providing market leading value to our clients and this opportunity for early payouts on over 50 NBA games over the next 12 days clearly demonstrates that” said the firm’s USA CEO, Johnny Aitken. “Post NFL season, the focus shifts to NBA and there is no stronger offer in the marketplace than this. At PointsBet, we are always looking to introduce cutting-edge initiatives and encourage bettors to move away from illegal, offshore sportsbooks to best-in-class legal options like ours.”