BtoBet has published ‘Uberizing iGaming with a glocal approach’, the latest in a series of industry reports that, inter alia, focus the hearts and minds of stakeholders on how to make best use of technology and the need to take a tailored approach to iGaming in Latin America. The new document emphasizes the need to act decisively at a local level according to the knowledge at hand, while analyzing the regulatory shakeup that is shaping the whole Latin American region.

Alessandro Fried, Chairman and CEO, explained more in the report, saying: “It is still a matter of fact that the majority of operators and technology providers in the sports betting and gambling sector adapt a one size fits all approach. It still is very much the case where the majority of licensees consider Latin America, or Africa, as one big country.

“This is clearly not the case, and the eventuality of making it big in one local market does not necessarily mean that adopting the same approach will eventually pan out as expected in another, even if neighboring, country.”

Fried pointed to the current Brazilian scenario. “One thing that characterizes the Brazilian market is the great passion that people have for anything related to sports, especially football and all local sports,” he explained. “But on the other hand if you take a close look at Mexico you will realize that American sports such as the National Football League, the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball, and even European football is very popular. And that is why I particularly emphasize that the correct and successful way for operators to enter a local market is by adopting the glocal approach.

“Technology has always been of the utmost importance for the iGaming industry, however this must be coupled with the right know-how of how to tread locally. Having a technological partner providing the most advanced betting platform and then not having any knowledge regarding the regulatory frameworks, the various payment gateways, the player preferences, how the technology itself should be adapted and suite the local market requirements. These are all elements that are of the utmost importance for an iGaming activity to make an impact, differentiate itself from the competition, and reach its set goals.”

The full report can be accessed here.