eSports betting operator Thunderpick is looking to bring its social betting platform to the United  States after the removal of regulatory obstacles earlier this year. The company claims to be one of the world’s fastest growing eSports betting platforms with more than 275,000 customers wagering on eSports match-ups involving titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends.

Having already reached profitability in 2018 since launching in 2016, the firm is now looking to establish itself within burgeoning eSports betting markets in the US and beyond.

The platform is preparing for Series A funding to expand its operations and market share, with the aim of becoming a household name in the global regulated eSports betting industry. Said the company: “As one of the few licensed eSports-focused online betting operators, Thunderpick has grown impressively during the last two years, not only because of the expanding eSports audiences, but also due to the fact it does not resemble a traditional sports betting platform.”

Consequently, said the firm, it has sought to incorporate a host of real-time social functionality into its eSports betting platform, creating a community where enthusiasts can watch and interact with other players in real time. It has also introduced a ranking and rewards system to the platform, with elements like a real-time leader board for players and social casino games that can be played with other eSports fanatics.

New to the platform is an interactive in-play betting functionality, allowing for real-time interactions with players which, said the company, will take social gamification to the next level in eSports. Thunderpick originally started with a pari-mutuel eSports betting model, but has been steadily developing its platform to incorporate other betting options such as fixed odds and combo bets.

Before the end of this year, the firm also plans to launch its own mobile app, which will further enhance client engagement with the platform and allow eSports fanatics to keep abreast of live tournament action on the move.

“Unlike some cash-burning eSport start-ups, Thunderpick is already profitable. It confirms that we have secured a dedicated audience that puts trust in our products and integrity,” said co-founder Mateusz Jamiolkowski. “With the eSports market growing 14% year-on-year in terms of its fan base and over 27% year-on-year in revenue during the next three years, Thunderpick is ready for major investments to take eSports betting into the next decade and beyond.”