CEO and developer Derek Stevens will introduce three unique sports-entertainment offerings throughout his popular Downtown Las Vegas properties. The new sportsbook at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino will serve as an operational prototype for a multi-level venue which will be housed at the highly anticipated property development located at 18 Fremont, as well as the hub for the sportsbook at the D Las Vegas.

Each of these experiences will come to life in partnership with sports gambling media network Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN), including an in-house broadcast studio at the soon to be named 18 Fremont project.

“The State of Nevada, and specifically Las Vegas, has always been the hub for sports wagering in the United States and with the recent Supreme Court ruling, we believe sports wagering will accelerate tremendously,” said Stevens. “Our entrance into the legal sports wagering market is timely and will be enhanced with our 10% investment into VSiN. We look forward to operating the D and the Golden Gate Sportsbooks while creating the most dynamic sportsbook in Las Vegas history and the new VSiN Studios at our 18 Fremont project.”

Whether placed by amateurs or experts, the sportsbooks at Golden Gate, the D, and the 18 Fremont location will appeal to all types of bettors and offer a competitive wagering menu. Additionally, a mobile app is currently in development, allowing for convenient wagering and opportunities for live betting at Golden Gate and the D.

The new sportsbook space at the Golden Gate is expected to debut in Q3 of 2019, and will serve as the archetype for the 18 Fremont project’s stadium-style sportsbook. The new property’s space is expected to feature the largest single screen television in the city alongside countless additional HD screens and personalized customer service kiosks.

Additionally, VSiN’s 18 Fremont broadcast studio will allow bettors to have in-depth analysis of all things sports betting from a roster of experts including broadcasters, professional bettors and athletes. From its state-of-the-art studio, VSiN will deliver insight into exclusive gambling news and statistics to aid bettors in their decisions. Fans and passersby will also be able to watch and interact as the daily broadcast airs live in the new studio.

“Since launching VSiN, one of the things I’m most proud of is the people we’ve been able to partner with to help grow this business,” said Brian Musburger, CEO of VSiN. “We’re thrilled to partner with another of this industry’s most successful luminaries, Derek Stevens, and honored to be involved in the 18 Fremont project. The VSiN team is looking forward to delivering the news and analysis sports bettors need to win – both here in Vegas and around the country.”

To help execute his vision, Stevens has hired longtime Las Vegas sports betting industry veteran Matthew Metcalf as sports director. Metcalf previously worked at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, where he helped revive the city’s love for exceptional sports betting opportunities.

Stevens’ journey in Downtown Las Vegas began in 2012 with the introduction of the D Las Vegas; the introduction of a versatile event venue where he hosts viewing parties for professional sports games; and by giving Golden Gate – Vegas’ original casino – its first major expansion. He purchased land occupied by Las Vegas Club casino in 2015 to continue his vision of revitalizing the west side of Fremont Street Experience. The land for these properties is currently being used in the development of Downtown Las Vegas’ first resort-casino to be built from the ground up in decades.