Rightlander, an affiliate compliance tool for the igaming industry, has announced the expansion of its scanning capabilities in to 35 new territories, including the US. Until recently, its main focus was on the UK where affiliate compliance has become the responsibility of operators to police.

The scanning tool visits affiliate sites from within the UK and looks for specific words, phrases, T&Cs, images and events that its operator clients have specified, producing succinct “alerts” that help affiliate managers and compliance officers to quickly hone in on potential affiliate compliance issues.

The new geo-targeted version of the tool will be able to scan affiliate sites from within the US and other regulated territories including Australia, Sweden, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands and many more. It is able to detect a website’s language and search for words, phrases and images in that language that link an operator’s brand to potentially non-compliant marketing messages.

Ian Sims, founder and CEO, explained the move: “Rightlander’s priorities are largely driven by our clients’ requirements and we provide data to several large companies dealing in multiple regulated or soon to be regulated territories, so it was only a matter of time before we expanded beyond the UK.”

He added that one of the biggest challenges is the USA where state-level regulation presents very specific geo-targeting issues. “We have to treat each state as a separate territory so we have set up proxies and VPN access points in each state,” Sims noted. “This will enable us to not only view content from within a regulated state but to also see how it appears outside of those boundaries in non-regulated states. Both sets of data will together help to monitor affiliate marketing in what will undoubtedly be a very strict compliance regime.”