New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement has published the gaming revenue results for Atlantic City’s casinos and internet gaming for May 2018. Internet gaming win showed gains, but they were not enough to prevent an overall downturn in state gaming receipts.

In its statement, the division said: “Based upon filings with the Division of Gaming Enforcement, casino win from the industry for May 2018 was $193.4m compared to $208.3m in May 2017, reflecting a 7.2% decrease. Internet gaming win was $24.3m in May compared to $21.1m in the prior period, reflecting an increase of 15.3%. The industry’s total gaming win for the month was $217.7m compared to $229.4m for May 2017 reflecting a 5.1% decrease.”

It added: “For the year-to-date, the industry’s casino win totalled $910.1m for 2018 compared to $971.8m in 2017, reflecting a decrease of 6.3%. Internet gaming win increased 15.5% to $116.9m for 2018. The industry’s total gaming win was $1.027bn, reflecting a decrease of 4.3% compared to last year.”

Turning to tax revenue, the division noted: “For the month of May 2018, total gaming taxes were $17.7m. Total gaming taxes reflect 8% of taxable casino gross revenue and 15% of Internet gaming gross revenue. In addition, the casino industry incurred $3m in Investment Alternative Tax Obligations, which reflects 1.25% of casino gross revenue and 2.5% of Internet gaming gross revenue.”