Legislation of sports betting in the US should be free of federal government interference, because many states already have the regulations, infrastructure and experienced regulators ready to fulfil such a role. That’s the stance being adopted by the US State Gaming Regulators Forum and the American Gaming Association in the wake of the repeal last week of PASPA. The view was delivered in two separate statements from the trade bodies this week.

The regulators’ forum, part of the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ International Centre for Gaming Regulation, said: “Sports betting in Nevada has already been regulated with integrity and success, and gaming jurisdictions across the United States, including tribal jurisdictions, have demonstrated their ability to oversee gaming of all sorts while adhering to the highest standards.”

The statement also contained references to the controversial topic of integrity fees. It noted: “Additional fees … increase the costs of legal sports betting, siphon much-needed tax revenues away from state coffers, and increase state regulatory burdens.”

The AGA commented in a letter to Congress: “The gaming industry is already one of the most-regulated in the country, and state and tribal regulators have decades of experience (in) effectively overseeing gaming operations within their jurisdictions. As Congress has refrained from regulating lotteries, slot machines, table games and other gambling products, it should similarly refrain from engaging on sports wagering, barring an identifiable problem that warrants federal attention.”