The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has joined The All-in Diversity Project as a participating partner, becoming the first regulator to collaborate with the initiative to advance diversity and inclusion within the gaming industry.

Kelly Kehn, co-founder of the All-In Diversity Project, said: “We launched the Project believing that collaboration amongst educators, regulators and operators was essential for change. I’m proud to say that we are taking another step forward with the MGC on board.”

“Our own experiences coupled with numerous conversations with operators, regulators, responsible gaming groups and government bodies around the world, tell us that diversity, equality and inclusion are key to the long-term success of our industry,” echoed fellow co-founder Christina Thakor-Rankin.

“The challenge for almost everyone is not the ‘why’ we need to change, but the ‘how’ do we change – this is a fantastic example of a ‘how’.”

The MGC has stated its efforts are focused across all stages of casino development, design, construction and operations, with a number of strategies to enhance diversity issues set to be developed and implemented.

A trio of priorities regarding diversity and inclusion were highlighted as follows:

  • Casinos to establish training programs that promote the development of a skilled and diverse workforce, and regularly provide to the Commission detailed, statistical reports on the diversity of their workforce and vendor contracting.
  • Casino developers to set diversity hiring goals and submit strategic plans to develop a diverse workforce that provides employment opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed.
  • Diversity contracting goals and submit strategic plans for utilising minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses to participate as contractors in all stages of building their gaming establishments (design, construction, and operation).

Jill Griffin, MGC director of workforce, supplier and diversity development, commented: “The Commission is steadfast in its mission to ensure the gaming industry in Massachusetts is inclusive and provides opportunities that reflect the diversity of the Commonwealth.

“MGC is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our global partners on this important initiative to identify and share the gaming industry’s most promising practices to ensure economic benefit for all.”