Legendary skater Tony Hawk to keynote at SBC Summit

Tony Hawk SBC Summit Keynote

Renowned professional skateboarder turned entrepreneur, and iconic video game legend Tony Hawk is slated to deliver a keynote address to 25,000 attendees, at the upcoming SBC Summit.

The keynote is scheduled to open the second core day of the event, which is taking place at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa from Sept. 24-26. The highly anticipated keynote will occur on the Super Stage, located in the MEO Arena

Hawk will offer delegates an in-depth overview of his illustrious career, covering his introduction to the professional sports arena as a teenager, his landmark partnership with Activision game studios, and the founding of his iconic sporting brands. He will also share strategies for maintaining relevance through brand reinvention, providing insights into his approach to sustaining success and innovation over the years.

“I am excited to be headlining SBC Summit in Lisbon this September. Although the worlds of skateboarding and gambling might seem very different, I believe many parallels and lessons can be very relatable to companies in this industry,” Hawk said.

“Whether it is forming long-lasting partnerships, establishing a successful and recognizable brand or maintaining relevance in a predominantly digital world, my story can provide valuable insights for all those attending.” 

Hawk began entering local skateboarding competitions when he was 11 and in 1982, at just 14 years old, he officially became a professional skater. He signed with the Powell Peralta professional team and starred in the famous Bones Brigade videos, marking the beginning of his illustrious sporting career.

Over the next 23 years, Hawk won 73 competitive titles, including being named the National Skateboard Association (NSA) Vert Champion for 12 consecutive years and earning 16 X Games medals. Hawk further cemented himself as an innovator of the sport by inventing more than 80 unique skateboarding tricks. Among these tricks are the ollie-to-Indy, the gymnast plant, the frontside 540-rodeo flip and the Saran Wrap. 

In one of skateboarding’s defining moments, Hawk executed a 900 twist (2 1/2 turns) at the 1999 X Games, a feat that had never been performed before. In 2003, Tony officially retired from competitive skating.

Away from the deck, Hawk continued to grow the sport with a variety of successful partnerships and branding deals. In 1992, Tony founded Birdhouse Skateboards (originally Birdhouse Projects) with ex-Powell Peralta professional skateboarder Per Welinder. In 1998, Hawk and his family created Hawk Clothing, a line of children’s skate apparel, and in 1999, he founded the media company 900 Films. In 2002, he established The Skatepark Project (formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation), a nonprofit skateboarding organization that helps communities build public skate parks for youth in underserved communities. 

Tony Hawk’s most successful partnership came in 1999 when he teamed up with global gaming giant Activision to release Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Activision went on to release 16 more video games under the ‘Tony Hawk’ name and reported a staggering $1 billion in sales, making it one of the most successful video game franchises of all time.

“Tony Hawk is undoubtedly one of the most iconic athletes of the 20th century. Not only did Tony revolutionise the world of skateboarding, but through strong branding, incredible athleticism, and genre-defining video games, he brought skateboarding into mainstream pop culture. There are certainly many lessons to be learned from this legend, and I am extremely excited to witness Tony’s headline keynote on the Super Stage,” said SBC Founder and CEO Rasmus Sojmark.


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