Optimove expands offering to support sweepstakes operators

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CRM marketing solutions provider Optimove is expanding to support the iGaming sweepstakes industry and has brought on The Money Factory, MyPrize, and Chanced.com as sweepstake clients.

Optimove Senior Director Tomer Imber said that he was “honored” to bring on The Money Factory, MyPrize, and Chanced.com as its inaugural sweepstake clients.

“The iGaming sweepstakes sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and heightened competition, making it essential for companies to foster contestant loyalty and deliver highly personalized experiences,” added Imber. “Drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise as the leading CRM Marketing Solution in iGaming and Sports Betting, we’re excited to introduce our solution to Sweepstakes operators which will bolster how sweepstakes operators engage with contestants, driving enhanced loyalty and maximizing lifetime value.

Sweepstake gaming allows users to play casino-style games without directly betting real money. Players can use premium currency that can be earned via bonuses or promotional events. 

The legality of sweepstakes can vary from state to state based on local laws. Both Michigan and Washington are states that have chosen to no longer serve sweepstake operators.

At the beginning of the year, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) confirmed that it had sent cease and desist letters to Stake.US, PredictionStrike and VGW Luckyland at various points last fall asking them to cease doing business in the state.

Optimove adds outbound calling from Enteractive

Earlier in the month, Optimove revealed that it has added Enteractives outbound calling to its CRM marketing platform’s Multichannel Marketing Hub.

The feature will sit alongside its existing suite of marketing channels such as email, mobile, and SMS, and can be used to aid player retention and identify problematic gambling issues.

“Sometimes you need a bit of human touch,” said Optimove Director of iGaming Partnerships Dan De Souza at the time of the announcement. “We’re thrilled to kick off this strategic partnership with Enteractive.  This new marketing channel represents a significant addition, offering operators an impactful avenue to rekindle connections with inactive players and bolster their efforts in addressing problematic gambling issues more effectively.”