What does it take to rise to the top of the affiliate tree within a bustling North American online ecosystem? Clever Advertising is embarking on such a journey, and their ambitions within the region certainly know no bounds.

In conversation with SBC Americas, Chief Commercial Officer Vanda Silva goes into detail about the brand’s positioning within North America, and just why this forms a springboard for further expansion.

In addition to touching on the importance of building strong partnerships and why innovation through testing brings the desired results, Silva also touches on Clever’s expansion strategy, adaptability and overcoming potential regulatory headaches.

SBC Americas: We are fresh off the back of the latest edition of SBC Summit North America, where Clever Advertising was a keen participant. To begin, could you touch upon the brand’s current standing across the region? And let us know where the latest stage of expansion can be witnessed?

Vanda Silva: We have a good foothold, and we are actively expanding throughout regulated states, with North Carolina being our latest addition. Clever Advertising has been successfully navigating the U.S. market, adapting to various state regulations, and we thrive under these conditions. As a longstanding player in the igaming industry and a specialist in affiliate marketing, our current standing in the region is robust and growing.

SBCA: The U.S. is known for its patchwork legislation as gambling laws vary from state to state. How does Clever Advertising approach such a situation and overcome the potential difficulties that could be endured? 

VS: Our approach to regulation is not just about compliance; we embrace it fully. As told during the SBC Summit North America, navigating the diverse regulatory landscape has become second nature to us.

Each campaign is carefully aligned with both national and local legislation, ensuring reliability for clients and respect for the audience. This approach keeps us agile, satisfies our clients, and ensures safety for end-users, allowing us to thrive despite varying state laws.

SBCA: Key to any growth strategy is correctly forming and nurturing strong relationships. How does Clever Advertising ensure that such connections correctly align with internal values and will deliver the necessary results?

VS: Building strong local partnerships is crucial for us. We focus on genuine connections, embedding ourselves within the community. At Clever Advertising, we don’t just adapt content; we tailor it to resonate deeply with local markets. It’s about engaging the audience in a meaningful way, ensuring our brand is felt, not just seen.

Our well-known modus operandi is to maintain long-term relationships with both operators and publishers. We invest heavily in these relationships, whether through developing new solutions to acquire customers or running 365-day campaigns, ensuring alignment with our internal values and delivering the necessary results.

SBCA: How do you ensure that fresh innovations that are set to be introduced will correctly align with internal ambitions and, perhaps more crucially, deliver the required outcomes in terms of connecting with players?

VS: Our mantra is to always be ready to test, adapt, and implement. This mindset led to the creation of our in-app division, AddApp. What started as a small test has now become a core part of our multichannel strategy, alongside media buying, influencer marketing, and SEO.

Leveraging digital channels is essential, but we also innovate in traditional advertising through proprietary interactive formats and new approaches to existing channels. In the U.S. market, where mobile is paramount, our strategy not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting new standards.

We apply this innovative strategy across various products, from sports betting and casino to trading and social gaming. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring our innovations align with our internal ambitions and effectively connect with players.

SBCA: With all of this in mind, what key factors would you identify in truly setting the company apart from that of your competitors?

VS: What sets us apart is our unique approach to traffic acquisition and market targeting. We excel not only in finding niche markets but also in leveraging our extensive capabilities across all traffic acquisition channels. We reach billions of impressions and work across multiple states, providing a vast advertising and visibility span.

We manage vast amounts of traffic and can geotarget while ensuring compliance, which allows us to deliver tailored messages directly to the audience’s displays, finely tuned to each client’s needs and specific markets.

We can promote and acquire to multitude of products, from sports betting and casino to trading and social games, without detriment to any of them. Additionally, we produce and develop unique interactive display formats in the market.

Our expansive reach enables us to maximize impact and drive impressive results. We consistently deliver campaigns that resonate with audiences everywhere, at any time, setting us apart from our competitors.

SBCA: We’ll wrap things up by taking a look at what is yet to come for Clever Advertising. As you gaze into your crystal ball, what does the future hold for the group?

VS: As we look ahead, our focus remains on agility and insight, as we emphasized at last week’s SBC event. The affiliates poised to lead are those who can swiftly adapt to new regulations, address technical challenges, and drive innovation. This is where the ‘Clever touch’ shines.

Our approach is centered on delivering the right message to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. We prioritize innovation while ensuring clarity and compliance across all our channels. As we peer into the future, we see Clever Advertising continuing to thrive by staying nimble, insightful, and committed to delivering impactful results.