Xpoint launches new Trust Mode product for geolocation efficiency

Xpoint launches new Trust Mode product for geolocation efficiency
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Xpoint has unveiled its proprietary Trust Mode feature product that aims to smooth the geolocation experience for online gaming operators.

The geolocation security solutions provider’s new offering intends to help iGaming companies attain greater efficiency when it comes to conducting geolocation checks. The company says Trust Mode reduces the number of geolocation checks required by over 20% while ensuring operators are complying with jurisdictional mandates. The service minimizes location checks when a player is connected to a residential or office WiFi.

Xpoint stated that, since iGaming operators often pay per geolocation check, Trust Mode will offer significant cost savings.

Full roll-out of the service is expected later this year.

“Trust Mode is a clear example of how competition fosters innovation,” said Manu Gambhir, Xpoint CEO. “There is no need to frequently re-check the location of a bettor connected to Wi-Fi at their home despite being located near a state border.”

“As well as benefiting operators, end users also benefit from Trust Mode, as their battery usage will decrease due to the operator’s ability to reduce the number of location checks for players without accuracy being sacrificed. This technology will serve as a game-changer for operators looking to get the most out of their geolocation service provider.”

Trust Mode builds on Xpoint’s mission to become ‘trusted’ leader

Xpoint is currently licensed and authorized in 20 states as well as the District of Columbia. It has a customer base that includes the likes of Bet365 and PrizePicks. Its portfolio of services is built on its flagship geolocation platform for iGaming, Xpoint Verify.

The company and GeoComply were locked in a legal battle until February 2023, when a Delaware judge dismissed the lawsuit in which GeoComply alleged that Xpoint was infringing upon its patented technology.

Since then, Xpoint has continued to push for a larger footprint in the market. The company appointed former Thrive Gaming CEO Gambhir as its new CEO last May, a role in which he leads all aspects of the company as it aims to become a “trusted industry leader” in geolocation technology in the U.S.