Boston pro sports teams support youth sports betting safety coalition

Massachusetts Youth Sports Betting
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Massachusetts is taking steps to educate young people about the risks of gambling.

Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell has announced that the state is launching the Youth Sports Betting Safety Coalition, a public-private partnership that aims to educate young people on the laws and risks associated with gambling, according to NBC Boston.

“Because Massachusetts has entered a new era with sports betting now literally available at your fingertips, it is critical that we raise awareness of the public health risks associated with this activity, particularly for young people,” said Campbell. “This coalition brings together the business, professional sports, nonprofit and responsible gaming communities to best achieve one common goal: better protect and educate young adults across the Commonwealth.”

The coalition, which targets state residents ages 12 through 20, will provide evidence-based education and training backed by some of the largest entities in sports, including the NCAA, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Boston Celtics.

The coalition’s founding members include the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Civic Action Project, and the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health.

Recent gambling education efforts

Massachusetts and the NCAA are collaborating on a youth-focused coalition as the governing body of college sports in America launches a new sports betting campaign.

Last month, the NCAA launched Draw the Line at the start of March Madness. The campaign for student-athletes addresses the effects of betting and problem gambling.

Draw the Line builds on previous efforts by the NCAA to educate student-athletes on sports betting, which include partnerships with Signify Group and the NFL. NCAA President Charlie Baker has also called on states to ban individual player props for college sports.