Underdog announces investment in responsible gaming solutions provider idPair

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Daily fantasy sports operator Underdog has announced it has invested in the responsible gaming solutions provider idPair.

Through GuardDog, Underdog’s responsible gaming innovation fund, the operator will provide investment as well as allowing idPair access to advisors, mentors and investors. Underdog has also confirmed that idPair will be prioritized for integration into Underdog’s product offerings.

idPair’s technology allows for universal responsible gaming limits as it is able to create a centralized view of an individual’s play and gambling activity across all applications and operators in a jurisdiction for regulators.

“Most users play with more than one operator for their gaming activity. The opportunity we see with idPair is the ability to connect people and their play, and use those insights to inform enhanced responsible gaming initiatives,” said Adam Warrington, Vice President of Responsible Gaming at Underdog. “Operators can only focus on their individual platforms. We believe that the ability to partner with regulators using idPair’s technology will create opportunities for partnerships that advance safer play.”

According to Underdog, idPair is able to bridge information gaps by collaborating with legislators, regulators and operators to detect and mitigate harm from high-risk gambling across platforms. 

As well as being active within multiple jurisdictions, idPair has also partnered with several universities to help facilitate the study of anonymized transactional data by experts in the field.

“We are thrilled about GuardDog’s investment and partnership with us,” added Jonathan Aiwazian, CEO of idPair. “By leveraging their vast network and data, we can accelerate our mission to drive collaborative information sharing among operators and regulators, ultimately fostering a safer and more sustainable environment for all. Together, we look forward to making significant leaps in consumer protection and industry innovation.”

Underdog exits several markets

This news comes on the back of a month when Underdog exited several states.

The operator confirmed to SBC Americas that it would be leaving Florida after being ordered to leave the state by the Florida Gaming Control Commission for “offering or accepting illegal bets or wagers from [Florida] residents”. 

Meanwhile, in North Carolina customers in the state received communication that Underdog would be pulling its pick’em fantasy product out of the state despite the fact that the North Carolina State Lottery Commission pressed pause on considering regulations that would limit the scope and nature of fantasy sports in the state.

Underdog did get approved for a sports betting operator license in the state though, priming the company to enter its first market as a sportsbook.