FanDuel TV lands US streaming rights of BCL Americas basketball

BCL Americas competition 2023
Image: Shutterstock / Celso Pupo

FanDuel continues to strengthen the portfolio of its namesake TV channel with a new basketball streaming deal. Through a new partnership with the Basketball Champions League Americas (BCL Americas), FanDuel TV will stream all 52 games the league offers in its upcoming season.

This season of the BCL Americas competition began on Dec. 13 and will conclude in April. The league pits 12 of South America’s best basketball against each other, with the winner both taking the title and securing a spot in the FIBA Intercontinental Cup.

“We are very honored and excited with the potential of this partnership. FanDuel is a strong brand in the US for sports, fantasy sports & online sportsbook which will allow for BCL Americas to tap into new audiences and opportunities” said Executive Director for FIBA in the Americas Carlos Alves.

Last year, the tournament came down to two Brazilian teams in the final, with Sesi Franca prevailing over Flamengo. The three Brazilian teams swept the podium, with Argentina’s Quimsa placing fourth.

This year’s crop of teams includes three teams each from Brazil and Argentina. Uruguay will have two teams taking part. Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and Nicaragua each have one team in the hunt.

It is an important addition to FanDuel TV’s programming lineup as well. While the channel has a wide range of programs commenting on sports and plenty of horse racing from its previous incarnation as TVG, the channel is light on original sports programming.

Latin American sports continue to generate quite a bit of betting interest as well, so appealing to that market is another upside of the deal for FanDuel.