SB22 links up with Scrimmage for more ‘immersive’ experiences

Image: Shutterstock

Sports betting technology platform provider SB22 has signed a strategic partnership with Scrimmage to create immersive and engaging experiences. 

Under the terms of the deal, Scrimmage will integrate its player loyalty software platform into the SB22 system to ensure SB22’s clients have improved player retention rates. 

The agreement seeks to drive “significant growth for both companies” and seeks to revolutionize the sports betting industry through combining their new technology platforms together. 

Dan Taren, Co-CEO of Scrimmage, stated: “We are excited to partner with SB22 and integrate the Scrimmage loyalty platform to the SB22 platform. SB22’s uniquely innovative platform fits perfectly with our loyalty solution, and we are thrilled to help SB22 redefine the sports betting market.”

Launched last year, SB22 aims to be a disruptor in the sports betting space in North America, bringing next-generation technology to the industry to improve the player experience. 

Other deals it has penned in pursuit of this goal include those with microbetting provider nVenue, TikTok-affiliated company PICO, and AI fan engagement platform SharpLink

A self-styled disruptor and innovator, SB22 is rolling out across North America and has deals in place with operators in Puerto Rico

The firm will use Scrimmage’s customer retention tool to analyze the behavioral psychology of players to provide a more personalized experience based on previous betting activity and individual preferences.

Steve Laity, VP of Strategy at SB22, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Scrimmage and bring our customers the best possible sports betting experience. Scrimmage’s innovative loyalty platform will increase the gamification for our customers and add a more personalized and engaging experience. We look forward to working together.”