OpenBet: How UFC BetBuilder helps to maximize year-round profits 

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As the dynamics of the market shift, gaps in betting activity during the downtime between major sports leagues become increasingly evident. Enter OpenBet with SportCast‘s groundbreaking UFC BetBuilder which capitalizes on the popularity of the sport and delivers an enhanced betting experience for the region.

SBC spoke to OpenBet’s Business Development Manager, Irina Molina, to delve deeper into this strategic initiative.

SBC: What was the inspiration behind developing a UFC specific BetBuilder product?

IM: The inspiration behind our UFC specific BetBuilder product stems from the rich history and widespread popularity of the sport, particularly in Brazil. Historically, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu played a significant role in shaping the UFC, with its roots traced back to legends like Royce Gracie. Gracie’s triumphs in the early UFC tournaments played a pivotal role in propelling both mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu into the global spotlight and the subsequent champions like Anderson Silva and Amanda Nunes have carried that torch forward.

Our strategic positioning under the Endeavor Group, which owns both the UFC and OpenBet, offers us an unparalleled vantage point. This alliance allows us to combine Endeavor’s profound insights of the UFC with OpenBet’s vast betting platform technology and experience. Our collaboration is about harnessing this unique relationship to create a tailored, immersive betting experience for players.

As sports betting continues to evolve, it’s all about leveling the playing field. Everyone knows the heavyweights like the NFL and Premier League offer a ton of betting options. But what if we could bring that same depth to newer sports? It’s a big vision, but with each piece of data we gather, it’s getting closer to reality. Imagine seamlessly jumping from one sport to another, with just as many props. That’s where we’re headed, and it’s an exciting future for both players and the wider industry.

SBC: How much of an impact can UFC betting events have on engagement for sportsbooks?

IM: Significant gaps during downtime between major sports leagues can be costly. This pause, though seemingly benign, poses a significant challenge: how to maintain betting engagement and profitability during the lulls? This is where OpenBet’s visionary approach comes into play. By focusing on year-round sports, primarily UFC, it offers an avenue to bridge these gaps.

Major sports, though popular, are confined within their seasons. The NFL, with its massive following, runs roughly five months from mid-August to February. Similarly, the English Premier League, spanning from mid-August to mid-May, lasts about nine months. These structured timelines create opportunities for downtimes. Contrastingly, UFC offers continuous bouts throughout the year, ensuring a perpetual stream of betting possibilities. Considering MMA’s historical connections to Brazil and its impressive fanbase estimated around 34 million, the potential in the LatAm market is glaringly evident.

The idea? Embrace the continuity of sports like UFC to counterbalance traditional sports’ ebb and flow. Forward-thinking platforms can harness UFC’s year-round appeal to mitigate downturns experienced in traditional off-seasons. 

SBC: What sort of engagement have we seen from LatAm operators for UFC BetBuilder?

IM: The engagement levels we’ve observed from LatAm operators for our UFC BetBuilder product have been extremely promising. To offer some perspective, consider the notable figures like the 800k betting slips and the substantial $2.25 million AUD wagered within this calendar year alone. These figures not only signal a promising future but also chart a promising trajectory. Tracing back to UFC 274, we started with a commendable 10k slips, but by the time UFC 285 rolled around, we witnessed a staggering surge to 210k slips. 

This exponential growth in a short span speaks volumes about the rising momentum. It’s worth noting that even non-Pay-Per-View events, such as the UFC Fight Nights, are mirroring this trend. The enthusiasm, trust, and engagement we’re seeing from our partners and players in the LatAm region is really positive, and we’re eager to continue delivering exceptional experiences in line with this. 

SBC: What sets SportCast’s UFC BetBuilder compared to others available in the marketplace?

IM: SportCast’s innovation in introducing BetBuilder for UFC was nothing short of pioneering. This strategic move allowed OpenBet to carve out its niche and assert itself as the undisputed leader in sports data, odds, and trading solutions. The considerable time gap before other operators and suppliers ventured into this space only amplified our trailblazing status.

It has always been a strategic focus that our offerings stand distinct, encapsulating not just the spotlighted main card fights but also the lesser-publicized prelims and early prelims. By covering such a comprehensive range, OpenBet offers bettors a richer, more diverse betting landscape. From Moneyline, intricate Round Markets, to detailed Fighter Props, our approach is multifaceted, ensuring that every betting enthusiast, from the novice to the expert, finds a market tailored to their preference.

SBC: What is the potential for UFC BetBuilder in the LatAm region moving forward, particularly as regulation opens up?

IM: As we look into the future of sports betting, products like BetBuilder, which can tap into the prospect of year-round sports, emerge as vital products for consistent, year-long financial growth. Our alliance with Endeavor empowers us to be at the forefront of this evolution, by merging innovation with player-centric solutions, OpenBet is not only addressing present industry challenges but also shaping the future landscape of sports betting in the LatAm region and beyond.