Underdog Fantasy seeks to bolster compliance with ProhiBet deal

Image: Shutterstock

Underdog Fantasy has agreed a deal with ProhiBet that will integrate the solution into its fantasy sports platform. 

The deal will see ProhiBet monitor specific individuals such as pro and collegiate athletes, coaches and officials in order to protect the integrity of Underdog’s fantasy sports competitions. 

The prohibited person’s solution – a joint venture between US Integrity and Odds On Compliance – uses encrypted cross-monitoring technology to help operators in the sports betting and DFS space remain compliant with state regulations.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Underdog Fantasy. Underdog’s implementation of ProhiBet’s cutting-edge encrypted data transfer system underscores the importance of sports integrity, extending beyond traditional sports betting into the realm of daily fantasy sports,” explained Matt Heap, Managing Director of ProhiBet.

The partnership seeks to prevent account creation or DFS entries on the Underdog platform from prohibited people such as players, coaches, officials, and other prohibited backroom staff members. 

Matt Garrigan, Senior Director of Operations at Underdog, explained: “Underdog is thrilled to partner with ProhiBet and lean on their tools to help elevate our compliant operating standards. Responsible play is always at the forefront of our business. This solution allows us to operate in a more efficient manner while safeguarding our current and future customers. 

“This is historically a gap across the industry as this tends to be done in a less automated, and therefore less comprehensive, manner. We look forward to changing that.” 

Underdog Fantasy is currently in a battle to protect its reputation and business as pressure comes from several sources. Large sportsbook operators such as FanDuel and DraftKings have expressed their concern over Underdog’s ‘prop-style’ fantasy, which they claim is akin to sports betting. 

Jeremy Levine, the firm’s CEO, hit back at the operators in an open letter, while the DFS site’s general counsel also defended the company’s position in this regard. 

Further controversy hit last week when the Florida Gaming Commission issued a cease-and-desist letter to Underdog and other pick’em-style fantasy operators to end their operations in the Sunshine State.

“Underdog Fantasy is committed to adhering to the highest of compliance standards while creating the best place to play for our community, which entrusts us with maintaining an atmosphere of integrity and fair play,” added Levine, Founder and Co-CEO of Underdog. “ProhiBet’s monitoring solutions will further enhance our oversight and awareness of prohibited persons as we look to lead by example in the responsible gaming space in our industry.”