nVenue links with Vibra to reach Brazilian market

Image: Shutterstock

nVenue has penned a deal with sports betting tech platform Vibra Solutions to expand the visibility of its in-play micro-betting products into new markets. 

It comes as Vibra aims to leverage the capabilities that micro betting has to offer, having increased in popularity across the US in the last year or so. 

The partnership will allow Vibra to supply its operator partners with nVenue’s micro betting products and in-play betting offering. 

Ramiro Atucha, Vibra Solutions CEO, stated: “This collaboration opens the doors to endless possibilities, as we envision that new platforms and applications like nVenue not only elevate the thrill of sports betting but also redefine casino gaming. 

“Our combined expertise and forward-thinking approach will pave the way for huge success, ensuring that our players have access to an exhilarating gaming experience.”

This deal will see Vibra take nVenue’s products away from US shores and into Latin America, most notably in Brazil where the regulated sports betting market launches in 2024. 

Significant progress has been made in Brazil this year in establishing a regulated framework for online sports betting, with President Lula da Silva penning a provisional measure for the framework. 

Further progress was delivered last week when the Chamber of Deputies signed off on the bill to create regulations. 

nVenue and Vibra are both eyeing the Brazil market for future growth as well as building upon strong momentum gathered in the US this year. 

The micro betting firm was recently selected to take part in the NBA Launchpad program and has penned a deal with NASCAR. 

Jeremy Jones, the firm’s Chief Revenue Officer, added: “At nVenue, our primary goal is to enhance the landscape of sports betting product through innovative technology. Our partnership with Vibra syncs perfectly with our mission and we are eagerly anticipating the introduction of additional micro-market for fans in and outside of the US.”