US Integrity vows to safeguard Big Ten Conference amid sports betting fears

The Big Ten Conference
Image: Shutterstock

US Integrity (USI) has continued its partnership drive with an agreement to help protect the Big Ten Conference and its student athletes, coaches and staff.

The sports betting compliance and fraud prevention firm recently partnered with the Big 12 Conference to help prevent its student athletes and coaching staff from participating in sports betting, following recent revelations surrounding member Iowa State University and athletes facing criminal charges relating to betting breaches.

A similar deal has now been struck with the Big Ten Conference, with US Integrity set to provide integrity monitoring, educational, and social media monitoring services via its proprietary dashboard.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Big Ten Conference, as they continue their efforts in being proactive to maintain the integrity of their sports,” said Matthew Holt, USI’s CEO & Co-Founder.

“We believe our partnership will provide their student-athletes with the best opportunity to succeed on a level playing field. The partnership will include, but not be limited to providing the Big Ten Conference with a state of the art technology solution for integrity monitoring, dynamic educational training and curriculum, and a robust social media monitoring program. 

“It is through these transparent efforts and initiatives that we will build a cohesive partnership that will deliver the highest of integrity standards for the Big Ten Conference, and its member institutions.”

US Integrity was also recently involved in a ‘groundbreaking’ partnership between the Mountain West and ProhiBet, with the latter a joint venture between the firm and Odds On Compliance that was also involved in the Big 12 Conference deal.

The tech product works with educational institutions, operators, and regulators to ensure that relevant people in a collegiate athletic program are not allowed to bet.

Meanwhile, commenting on the ‘comprehensive’ partnership between the Big Ten Conference and US Integrity, Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti added: “The well-being of our students, coaches, and staff, as well as the integrity of our competitions are of paramount importance.

“Enhanced transparency through availability reporting and partnering with US Integrity strengthens our efforts to protect those who participate in our games as well as the integrity of the games themselves.

“I’m grateful for the collaboration of our schools, coaches, and administrators.”