New Exacta innovation could bring table games to HHR facilities

Overhead shot of blackjack table
Image: Shutterstock

Historical horse racing is about to potentially expand into a whole new vertical as HHR manufacturer Exacta announced a new product that will recreate the experience of table games using historical racing data. These electronic table games are part of a technology partnership with Interblock, a manufacturer of electronic table games.

“Exacta’s open-architecture software, unmatched technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer service will enable us to integrate Exacta Connect with Interblock’s ETGs seamlessly. This transformation will maintain the award-winning gameplay that has made Interblock’s game library the top choice among Casino Operators and Roulette enthusiasts worldwide,” said Exacta Systems CEO and President Jeremy Stein.

“At Interblock, our goal is to build a company synonymous with innovation and leading table game technology. Our partnership with Exacta creates a unique offering within the HHR sector, taking two innovative companies and combining our best practices to further expand the HHR sector by the end of this year,” add Interblock Global CEO John Connelly. “We are excited to partner with Exacta and to have the ability to deliver this unique gaming experience.”

The HHR industry has helped many states like Kentucky expand the scope of gaming in the state without actually passing legislation to allow casinos. The current list of states that have approved historical horse racing machines is:

  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • New Hampshire
  • Virginia
  • Wyoming

In these states, HHR facilities can offer machines that very much mimic the experience at a slot machine. If these states approve these new machines from Exacta, the facilities could get one step closer to replicating the full casino experience. For Kansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Wyoming, this is especially intriguing, as those states currently do not offer commercial casinos (though Wyoming and Kansas do have tribal casinos).