SCCG Management to propel KYC firm AWARE

Image: Shutterstock

SCCG Management has entered an agreement with biometric verification software firm AWARE to explode its presence in the US and global gaming industry. 

Under the provisions of the deal, the Nasdaq-listed firm’s biometric software and KYC tech will be distributed to major international operators courtesy of SCCG’s network. 

Stephen Crystal, Founder & CEO of SCCG Management, commented: “We are excited to bring AWARE’s best-in-class biometric software solutions to the global gambling industry. SCCG Management is perfectly positioned to distribute these advanced KYC solutions to our extensive network of industry operators. 

“This partnership aligns with our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that not only improve the user experience but also uphold the highest standards of security and compliance.”

AWARE states that its KYC solutions enable ‘secure biometric enrollment, authentication, and identity verification, facilitating seamless transactions, and frictionless logins’.

The deal seeks to transform the gambling industry’s security and compliance landscape while enhancing the user experience by utilizing the AWARE platform and SCCG contact book.

“From identity verification to frictionless logins, AWARE is excited to help gaming operators improve their player’s experience while ensuring the best in compliance and security with simplified biometrics,” added Dave Barcelo, CFO of AWARE. 

“AWARE has partnered with SCCG, and their vast experience in the global igaming industry, to accelerate our reach and work with operators to incorporate biometric verification technology to strengthen platforms around the world.”