US Integrity partners with Illinois for integrity monitoring services

University of Illinois logo under magnifying glass
Image: Shutterstock

As there is increased scrutiny on college athletics and how it relates to sports betting, more and more groups are taking steps to up integrity monitoring and ensure a safe and fair environment for both athletes and bettors.

The latest deal in that vein is a new partnership between the University of Illinois and US Integrity. The university will utilize US Integrity’s platform to monitor its athletic events for unusual betting and will also be part of ProhiBet.

The ProhiBet product is designed to create a shared resource of prohibited bettors, such as athletes and coaching staff.

“At the collegiate level, integrity monitoring and education is of utmost importance, and this partnership covers all fronts of maintaining and monitoring sports betting integrity. U.S. Integrity is a proud partner of the University of Illinois DIA” said US Integrity CEO and co-founder Matthew Holt. “We’re looking forward to working with the team at the University of Illinois, and we’re committed to delivering the highest integrity standards.”

“We’re very excited to partner with U.S. Integrity, as we share a common goal to protect University of Illinois student-athletes and our athletics program,” added Illinois Assistant Athletics Director Evan Taylor. “The commitment and proactive approach between U.S. Integrity and our staff will allow us to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving climate where monitoring and education are at the forefront of our efforts.”

US Integrity continues to expand its work in the college sports space. Recently the company announced a partnership with RealResponse to launch a program for student-athletes to anonymously offer tips about potential betting integrity concerns.