EnjoyWin bets on Brazil becoming the next big thing

Silhouette planting Brazil flag in ground
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Brazil will undoubtedly become the next big market of the gambling industry. With 218 million people, a GDP of $3.9 trillion (higher than the UK’s), and the sixth country in the Americas in terms of internet penetration, operators are anticipating the opening of the online casino market.

Although some companies are waiting for a firm regulatory framework that would allow them to analyze the pros and cons of applying for an online gambling license, there are others that are already arriving in the country to launch as soon as possible.

Enjoy, one of the biggest Latin American operators, took advantage of its experience in countries like Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina, and prepared to have one of the most complete offerings in the market.

In late February, the operator announced the launch of its EnjoyWin platform in Brazil, with hopes, and arguably certainties, that it will become its next big market.

The Chilean company gathered 15 people in Montevideo, Uruguay to develop the project. They all have experience in the industry and speak at least three languages.

Currently, there are a large number of local operators in Brazil that will start the race for the market share with a slight advantage, simply because they know which way to go. However, when it comes to local expertise and operating experience, you would only need one hand to count how many operators have the ability to launch successfully.

Enjoy, through EnjoyWin, is one of them. This online project was born out of the need to improve the relationship with its customers during the pandemic when casinos were not allowed to operate.

In conversation with SBC Leaders, Juan Ignacio Juanena, Business Developer Manager at Enjoy, and Valeria Montero, EnjoyWin’s Marketing Manager, explained the path taken by the company to reach this launch.

How was the process to launch the EnjoyWin brand in Brazil?

The launch of the EnjoyWin brand was a great challenge for the company. It was a long, demanding process that had the support of the entire company and the Board of Directors from the beginning. [We] were aware that this project was the starting point of the company’s future.

What do you think the online gaming licensing system in Brazil will be like once a regulation is in place? Do you hope to apply for licenses in as many states as possible or will you focus on a select group?

It is not yet clear how the regulation process will be, so I would be speculating in an uncertain scenario. [However], it’s clear to Enjoy that we have a very strong brand positioning in the south of the country. 

Compared to any company that operates exclusively online, it’s a big benefit that we’ll take advantage of and one that has generated great interest among potential business partners.

What type of offering do you currently have? And what other games do you hope to release in the future?

Currently, we have a very good entertainment offering that includes table games, slots, live casino, video bingo, virtual sports and sports betting, among other things.

New games are launched every week from the providers that we currently have integrated and we are analyzing new product integrations that are also of great interest to our clients, such as poker and bingo.

What kind of online casino games do you expect will resonate the most with the Brazilian public?

We have seen operators with very different positions. Some are exclusively focused on casino, others on sports betting, others on esports. The variety and the business can be segmented into a certain niche if that’s the goal, since there’s a great diversity and a very strong demand for each product.

It’s currently impossible to talk about a unique profile [when talking about Brazilian players]. As far as Enjoy and its clients are concerned, slots and video bingo games are the most popular, while roulette and baccarat stand out among casino games.

When it comes to sports betting, Brazil is not only expected to be a leading market in Latin America, but also at a global level. Can you share your expectations about this market?

Brazil has enormous potential in the sports betting market and that can be seen already with the large number of existing operators. It will unquestionably be one of the most important [markets] at a global level.

Sports betting, without a doubt, attracts another type of public. It attracts a different and challenging type of player that requires enhanced monitoring and control. But on the other hand, it is also much bigger than the rest of the gaming verticals and it is one where you can grow quickly and achieve a higher market share.

Enjoy currently offers sports betting with a product on par with the most renowned operators in the industry and will continue to add new features based on consumer demand.

When EnjoyWin announced the launch, the company didnt reveal details of the total investment, although it mentioned a group of 15 people in charge of developing the project. Do you have any estimations around ROI?

Although we can’t reveal the exact amount that we’ve invested, we hope to recover that number in the coming years and we are very optimistic that our player base, as well as the positioning of the Enjoy brand will allow us to have a ROI in less time than projected than most operators.

Will you have a team based in Brazil? If so, which city will you prioritize?

It will depend on the regulation and the requirements of the market. We’re currently satisfied with our operation team that speaks native Portuguese and that in our first weeks of operations, they’ve been highlighted by customers for their dedication and warmth.

What type of marketing strategy is the most reliable one to use in a market like Brazil? Does it have any type of influence that Brazil speaks a different language than the dominant one in the region?

In digital marketing, including social media and online advertising campaigns, it’s important to make good use of localization in creative ways and in regards to language expressions when reaching the Brazilian player.

The language barrier could present some challenges, but in our case, we have a team of native Portuguese speakers and deep experience in the industry that allows us to connect effectively and in a personalized way with the Brazilian public.