NHL appoints Low6 as official free-to-play gaming provider

Ice Hockey
Image: Shutterstock

Low6 will supply “highly innovative games” as part of a new agreement which has seen the firm selected as the official free-to-play gaming provider of the NHL.

The sports gamification platform launched its first free-to-play game – NHL PrePlay – last December, partnering with BET99 on the campaign.

NHL PrePlay preceded further game releases such as NHL Stats Streak, NHL Pepsi Goalie Challenge, and the recently launched NHL Bracket Challenge.

Jared Beber, CEO of BET99, commented: “Designed to support our focus on education within the gaming space, the game offers opportunities for players to explore the space and become more knowledgeable without making real-money wagers.

“Not only is the NHLPrePlay program innovative and a great access point for new and potential bettors, but the educational aspect also fits well with our focus on responsible gaming.”

NHL PrePlay sees hockey fans in Canada answer a set of predictive outcome-based questions throughout each game day of the league season for a chance to win money, NHL shop gift cards, and weekly ticket giveaways.

Meanwhile, as part of the agreement signed between the NHL and Low6, the league has made a ‘key strategic investment’ into Low6 which ‘aligns their shared values to drive fan engagement and digital innovation’.

Jamie Mitchell, Low6 CEO and Co-Founder, added: “We are thrilled that Low6 has been selected as the free-to-play games provider for the NHL. Over the next two years, we will be providing highly innovative games, actionable data and a whole heap of fun for users. 

“We look forward to working with the NHL and their commercial partners in activating revenue throughout our gamification suite.”

This latest deal follows other gaming agreements struck by the NHL in recent months, with BetMGM, for example, producing NHL-themed online casino games for its players in Ontario, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.