Betr pivots from micro-betting only approach two months after launch

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When co-founders Jake Paul and Joe Levy first introduced the online sportsbook company Betr, micro-betting was at the center of the product. Now, two months after launching in Ohio, Betr is betting on a different plan.

The company announced today that the app will now offer pre-game and in-game spread, moneyline, and total wagers. As part of the launch of these new markets, Betr will be offering them vig-free for all NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bets.

“We deliberately launched with only micro-betting to 1) launch as soon as possible, enabling us to learn from and iterate our product experience according to real user data and feedback, and to 2) establish ourselves as the company, product, and brand synonymous not just with instant gratification betting, which we believe will be the future of this industry, but to also be synonymous with doing things differently and being the first direct-to-consumer operator in the category to actually differentiate its product experience in an industry dominated by commoditized product experiences,” said Levy in a release. “Now that we have done this successfully, we are putting Betr on a path to establishing betting market coverage product parity with incumbent operators, which will include the gradual and methodical integrations and launches of core markets, parlays, props, and many of the other betting experiences consumers can find elsewhere.”

Simplebet, which already powers the site’s micro-betting markets, will also power the full game lines. This will be the first platform to use Simplebet for total, point spread, and moneyline markets. Betr is referring to this group of bets as “core markets”.

When the project was first announced, Paul hammered home that this would be a site for micro-betting.

“I wasn’t into sports betting until I was introduced to micro-betting. Micro-betting is the TikTok-ification of sports betting and I am excited to bring it to the masses through Betr.” Per Levy’s most recent comments and the press release, the company may be expanding betting options, but the heart of its identity will be

So far, betr has only launched in Ohio. With some delays between the Jan 1 launch date and betr’s first deposits, that means the operator has only been up and running in the United States for eight weeks.

Betr’s first numbers out of Ohio were not substantial, totaling around $1 million in handle over two weeks of wagers. With Ohio schools Xavier and Kent State in the tournament plus the first-ever March Madness with legalized betting in Ohio, perhaps the lure of vig-free game bets will shuffle up the company’s market share for this month.