Enjoy launches its online platform EnjoyWin in Brazil

Christ, the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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The Latin American operator Enjoy has unveiled its new online betting platform EnjoyWin, which is now operational in Brazil, a market that the Chilean based company expects to become “the next big thing”.

In an interview with local media DF MAS, Enjoy’s Product and Innovation Manager Marianela Artoni shared that the platform features an expanded offer that includes sports betting, live casino and video bingo.

“EnjoyWin is a project that has been in the making for a long time and was conceived with a very clear strategy: to offer an online betting site in the countries where Enjoy has land-based operations. That’s why we partnered with top igaming companies,” Artoni explained.

The manager shared that this platform is the result of Enjoy’s initiative to improve the relationship with its customers during the pandemic, when casinos were not allowed to operate.

At the time, the site offered free-to-play games, without real money: “The feedback was great and thousands of customers joined the platform, which was undoubtedly a great confirmation that they were looking for this kind of online entertainment.”

A group of 15 people based in Montevideo, Uruguay, are responsible for the platform launch, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile. According to Artoni, they have industry experience and speak at least three languages.

Although she did not reveal investment figures, she stated that it’s a vertical that is “complementary to the current business” and stressed that all major companies receive “a large” percentage of their income from igaming.

Currently, the Brazilian market is legalized but not regulated. With Lula’s new government, it’s expected that this situation will change in the coming weeks, since the Ministry of Economy is reportedly reviewing the regulation that would open the market.

Enjoy’s justification to launch in Brazil

Being the largest market in the Latin American region and with great internet penetration throughout its population of 214 million people, Brazil has been described by the manager as “a true giant for the igaming business”.

“Online betting has shown great interest in the market that, from February 2023, will also be able to operate in the 27 states of the country. Enjoy will be one of those new market players,” she assured.

The proximity of the Enjoy Punta del Este casino makes the brand resonate in the Brazilian market, so the “logical step” was to launch in the Portuguese-speaking country, especially if the company takes into account the “high revenue estimates”.

“Growth projections in this industry are closely linked to the investments in marketing and advertising that we make. First, we’ll work with one of the main assets that we have as a company, which is a base of thousands of clients from Brazil who already know us,” she said.

A possible expansion to Chile

When questioned about a possible expansion of the EnjoyWin brand to the company’s native country, the manager stressed that they’re waiting for Chile to have a regulatory framework that would allow them to operate online.

Artoni also asked for a regulation for an industry that “despite not being properly regulated, works anyway.”

“We believe in the urgent need to create a fair framework with clear rules, which would set [a taxing system] that would contribute to the markets in which it operates, safeguarding the conditions for all interested parties.”

Although people can’t access EnjoyWin from Chile, since the platform is geoblocked, Enjoy is considering “launching in the country”.

“Obviously, the experience and learning curve we will get with EnjoyWin.com will allow us to be one step ahead and ready to go. We could also look at other markets if they’re attractive from a business perspective,” she said.