Spotlight Sports Group expands market service with SaaS products

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Spotlight Sports Group (SSG) has developed a software as a service (SaaS) product line to serve more partners across the sports betting and fantasy sports industry.

Converting its products and services offering, SSG has stated that its SaaS can be installed quickly and is easy to use, offering sports businesses “critical engagement tools that instantly put creative power in the hands of platform managers, rather than the hands of developers.”

The SaaS features a suite of products such as a games engine, affiliate management services, smart content modules, tools maker, and a DFS lineup generator. 

The product can be used immediately by platform managers as soon as the SaaS product is integrated into an existing platform for white-label and authentication integration. 

Alongside expanding the group’s partner list without affecting product quality, SSG adds that its SaaS line will allow sports betting and fantasy sports partners to engage with audiences across several markets on a large scale.

“Developing our already state-of-the-art products into SaaS products is a key element in our innovative, progressive plans,” commented Rick Wolf, SVP of B2B Partnerships for Spotlight Sports Group.

“As the North American sports betting industry matures at a rapid pace it is imperative that we are able to service our partners as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of our industry-leading products. 

“Once installed into our partners’ platforms, they no longer have to wait on their technology team’s overloaded queues. Their creative content or marketing teams can simply act on their ideas and create games or powerful tools plus present integrated content or offers without high-priced development resources involved.”

Earlier this week, Spotlight Sports Group’s CEO Mark Renshaw spoke to SBC Americas about the company’s expansion into the US and the learning curve it has created.