Newsom’s opposition the latest nail in Prop 27’s coffin

Newsom Opposes Prop 27
Image: Shutterstock

The writing is all but on the wall for Proposition 27 in California, but Gov. Gavin Newsom has nonetheless come out in full opposition of the online sports betting ballot referendum.

“Proposition 27 is bad for California,” Newsom said in a statement. “It would hurt California’s Indian Tribes, increase the risks of underage gambling, and push billions of dollars out of California and into the pockets of out-of-state corporations. Vote No on 27.”

Despite siding with the tribes on Prop 27, Newsom did not comment on Proposition 26, which would allow for retail sports betting at tribal casinos in California.

Even before Newsom’s announcement, things were getting worse for Prop 27. Updated info from the Public Policy Institute of California showed that the measure has just 26% support, compared to 34% back in September. Moreover, previously undecided voters are now against the measure, as the opposition to the measure jumped from 54% to 67%.

Things look only slightly better for Prop 26, which is holding steady at 34% approval.

While spending was trending towards a billion dollars last month, news about additional spending is waning on Prop 27 in particular. Prop 26 never reached the same level of spending as its counterpart, but that can partially be explained by the fact tribes were spending to advertise against Prop 27 as well as advertising to generate support for Prop 26.

There are still roughly two weeks until Election Day, but it nonetheless seems like the decision is all but made on the fate of California legalizing sports betting in 2022.