SportsHandle: the week that was in US sports betting

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SportsHandle and friends deliver another round-up of the week’s big developments in US sports betting. 

DraftKings Shares Jump In Response To Rumors Of ESPN Sports Betting Deal

DraftKings shares jumped 5% in pre-market trading on Friday after reports surfaced that the sports betting operator is close to landing a substantial exclusive partnership with ESPN.

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Massachusetts Gaming Commission Founders, Fails To Set Launch Date

As the clock ticked to the end of the eighth hour of Thursday’s Massachusetts Gaming Commission meeting, the decision that sports betting operators have most been anticipating had still not been made, prompting Chair Cathy Judd-Stein to utter these words: “I am very concerned about our decision making and our inability to move forward.”

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Academic Paper Shines Light On America’s Sports Betting Failures

A soon-to-be-published academic paper on the state of legalized sports betting in America spells out how we got here, but also — and perhaps more importantly — where the failures in the system lie.

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Poker, The High-Stakes Game That Is Left To Police Itself

Someone in the world of professional wrestling is to thank for giving us the phrase, “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.” And in just about any form of competition you can think of, there’s someone out there living according to that philosophy.

In recent days, Spygate, Deflategate, Trashcangate, and other major mainstream sports examples have given way to one niche competition after another getting swallowed up in scandalous allegations. From the highest levels of chess to a five-figure fishing tournament in Ohio, the scales of justice — or just the scales upon which fish are weighed — may have a figurative thumb on them.

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Wait, What? Jai Alai Has Better Streaming Than The NFL?

Baseball fans, particularly those in the vicinity of New York and St. Louis, learned the treacheries of one of the sports betting industry’s biggest headaches a couple of weeks ago: latency.

When Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols hit his 699th and 700th career home runs on Sept. 23 in Los Angeles, baseball fans’ only way to watch the spectacle was by streaming it through Apple TV+. Coincidentally, the other game on Apple TV+ that night was the Yankees vs. the Boston Red Sox in the Bronx, with Aaron Judge going for his 61st home run of the season to tie Roger Maris, a team record that’s practically sacred around Yankee Stadium.

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