Grupo Boldt announces changes in shareholder structure

Grupo Boldt has confirmed Antonio Ángel Tabanelli will no longer be in charge of the company, with his children replacing him as the group's main shareholders.
Image: Shutterstock

Grupo Boldt has officially announced that Antonio Ángel Tabanelli will no longer be in charge of the Argentine company. In a report addressed to the National Securities Commission (CNV), his children, Rosana Beatriz Martina Tabanelli and Antonio Eduardo Tabanelli, confirmed that they have become the main shareholders of the gambling group.

Rosana is currently the Director and majority shareholder of the company while, in addition to also being the main shareholder, Antonio Eduardo serves as VP.

When announcing the transfer of the entire shares, the Tabanelli siblings assured that they will direct all their efforts “to honor the legacy and values that Antonio Ángel Tabanelli left in the company.”

Tabanelli, who will be 85 years old in a few weeks — almost the same age as Boldt — also inherited the company from his father, who had founded what eventually became one of the most powerful gambling companies in the region.

In addition to the land-based casino business, Boldt has its bplay online gambling unit, with operating licenses in Buenos Aires, and its B-Gaming solutions. The brand is also present on different football jerseys in Argentina, as part of pioneering contracts for some clubs.

In the letter to the CNV, the new majority shareholders said that they will work “tirelessly to consolidate the management that has been with the company for so many years, seeking to incorporate the best professionals in the market, to face the challenges that reality imposes on us.”

This will be done “with the serenity that it gives us to lead a solid, prestigious company, a leader in its activity and the commitment to work honestly and intensely to consolidate the successful businesses that we have and decisively face the new ventures that the market presents.”

To carry out these plans, they will rely on Antonio Ángel Tabanelli, who, according to his children, will continue to play a key role in the company’s decisions.

“It’s our commitment to the market, our partners, our shareholders, our clients, and our staff that we will respect the quality of our services, the capacity to create value and transparency, and the will to be involved in the reality that surrounds us with active CSR policies.”

“We will continue to invest in the country, in the region, and in our people, who are undoubtedly the best resource we have,” they concluded.