Yahoo’s Joanne Lambert talks to SBC Leaders on US sports betting

Image source: Yahoo

Joanna Lambert, President and GM, Consumer, Yahoo, is featured in the latest issue of SBC Leaders magazine where she talks about the  company’s current status in the US sports betting sector, its ongoing collaboration with BetMGM, and the much vaunted New York market

Kicking off the interview, Lambert offered an update on where Yahoo Sports sits in the market in terms of the number of states it operates in and how the relationship with BetMGM is progressing.

She explained: “Yahoo Sportsbook powered by BetMGM is currently live in 14 states: New York, Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Yahoo Sports continues to serve as one of the leading affiliate partners of BetMGM by driving betting registrations and participation. 

“For example, from 9/6/21 – 9/12/21 (NFL Kickoff), Yahoo Sports drove a 444% increase in referrals to BetMGM year-over-year and its largest-ever single day of betting registrations. We expect to continue that momentum in 2022 as Yahoo Sports and BetMGM dive into the third full year of our partnership. 

With a maelstrom of publicity around the nascent New York sports betting market, Lambert was also keen to share Yahoo’s thoughts on the subject, saying:Yahoo Sportsbook’s performance in New York has been strong and we’ve successfully been able to tap into the intense demand and passion of New York sports and sports betting fans to help drive referrals and conversions to BetMGM. 

“To date, Yahoo Sportsbook has certainly lived up to the hype of the New York launch and has seen great momentum alongside BetMGM. We are encouraged by the ongoing enthusiasm in this important market. What really sets Yahoo Sports apart is the fact that we are also able to leverage our overall robust ecosystem to help amplify BetMGM’s New York promotional messaging across all Yahoo platforms and our global audience.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lambert talked about Louisiana, the race for player acquisition and Yahoo’s DFS offering, specifically in light of the Super Bowl final and how the firm’s multi-faceted approach brought fans much closer to the game.

To view the latest issue of SBC Leaders magazine click HERE.