Stats Perform agrees to sports data partnership with Atmosphere

Stats Perform has sealed a new partnership agreement with Atmosphere to bring its sports data to the platform's Atmosphere Sports channel.
Image: Shutterstock

Stats Perform has sealed a new partnership agreement with Atmosphere, a streaming TV platform for businesses, to bring its sports data to the platform’s Atmosphere Sports channel.

Atmosphere Sports offers the latest breaking news, stories, live scores, highlights, and betting lines to sports fans, as well as social media conversations and content.

The channel is designed to serve as a primary entertainment source and as a second screen playing alongside a broadcast, allowing viewers to focus on the game instead of checking their phones for information. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Stats Perform will provide real-time scores, stats, standings, betting lines, and more, across US sports and the English Premier League to Atmosphere Sports viewers.

“We are very excited to partner with Atmosphere,” commented Wayne Ford, SVP of America Sales and Global Partners and Channels at Stats Perform.

“With their unique market and Stats Perform providing advanced data and insights across a variety of sports, we are looking to bring a whole new level of sports storytelling to a vast new group of fans for years to come.”

Reaching over 25,000 venues worldwide, Atmosphere is optimized for viewing in public spaces. Its free ad-supported streaming platform offers content covering viral video compilations, extreme sports, lifestyle, art, ambient nature and entertainment, with over 25 million unique visitors per month reach.

Micah Grimes, Vice President of Atmosphere News & Sports, added: “We are revolutionizing the presentation of sports for businesses.

“Sports data and the real-time visualization of that data are critical pieces of that puzzle. Stats Perform, with their global coverage, stood out in a competitive data market as the best partner to power our vision to success as we scale.”