Adam Weinstein: Top market players don’t realize how big esports market is

The biggest players in the sports betting and daily fantasy markets are not realizing the potential of esports and the key demographic information of those fans, according to Adam Weinstein, Founder and CEO of Thrive Fantasy.

Talking to SBC Media at SBC Summit North America in New Jersey last year, Weinstein noted that esports fans tend to be young, more wealthy, and have an appetite for gambling, making it a prime market for operators to look towards for growth in the coming year. 

Weinstein remarked: “I think a lot of the bigger players right now are mostly focused on the traditional sports bettor and where they are going but they’re not realizing how big the esports market and that demographic is. 

“We definitely know, at least those who are focusing on esports, they’re young, they’re affluent, they have a propensity to gamble so hopefully we can get that point across that they shouldn’t be just focused on traditional sports but that esports is here to comment and is here for the long run.”

Outlining his prediction for the industry in 2022, Weinstein detailed that the opening of the New York sports betting market could act as a catalyst for a boom, and current figures are just the ‘top of the first innings’. 

He added: “This conference room is not even going to be able to fit as many people as we’re going to need in 2022. It’s going to have to be at the Yankees Stadium or Madison Square Garden. 

“We’re all so excited here and honestly we think this is just the top of the first innings in sports betting even though it’s expanding very quickly, this is still so early. 2022 and beyond is going to be absolutely phenomenal.” 

Weinstein also took the opportunity to explain how Thrive Fantasy is standing out from the crowd in such a busy marketplace. He noted that the firm is aiming to create ‘a more simple gaming concept’ for casual sports fans by using more basic betting markets. 

He announced: “We are a daily fantasy platform specifically for player props which are just a nice over/under on certain athlete’s stats. There are probably two behemoths in the space that most people are familiarized with, the FanDuel and the DraftKings of the world.

“We wanted to make a much more simple game concept for the casual fan. We’ve been in the market for three years for NFL, MLB, NBA, all the major traditional sports along with esports. We’re really bullish on the esports sector as well.”