GTG to find the industry’s sharpest shooter through Hoops Galore

Hoops Galore
Image source: GTG Network

GTG Network is running an exclusive competition at next week’s SBC Summit North America around its new arcade-style basketball game, Hoops Galore.

The sports betting innovation studio is giving away an Apple Watch for the attendee with the best score over two days at the Meadowlands Exposition Center (1-2 December).

There will be promotional staff walking around the exhibition throughout the show, inviting attendees to play the mobile basketball game on an iPad. 

You drag or flick the ball (or casino chips and decks of cards) into the hoop to score points. The aim is to score as many of your 10 shots as possible, but points on offer will vary per shot and there will be streak bonuses available to boost your score.

Nathan Rothschild, co-founder of GTG Network, said: “GTG Network is delighted to be sponsoring the SBC Summit North America, where conference attendees will be able to play one of our arcade style games which have proven to be hugely popular with sportsbook operators, leagues and professional teams. 

“On this occasion, our team of 3D artists and engineers have added another challenge to our basketball game – instead of just shooting basketballs, be ready to shoot casino chips and decks of cards into the hoop!”

Image source: GTG Network

Hoops Galore is the latest in a line of successful sports-based games for GTG Network, following the likes of Running Back (American football), Hit the Spot (soccer/football), Puck Luck (ice hockey), Baseball Bash (baseball), Mini Golf Island (golf), Stadium Smash (cricket), Footy Flicks (Australian rules football), Punt Run (horse racing) and many more.

Unique branding requirements can be embedded into any of the games, which can be integrated with the client’s chosen promotions and assets.

Rothschild concluded: “Our arcade games are completely customizable to any sport, event or topic you want to cover. Make sure you give Hoops Galore a try.”