SportsDataIO appointed exclusive statistical and odds data provider to Pro Football Focus

Image source: Shutterstock

SportsDataIO, a provider of sports, odds and fantasy data, has signed up to be the exclusive provider of statistical and odds data to Pro Football Focus (PFF), widely known for its proprietary player grading and data and analytics which are used by all 32 NFL teams and over 100 college football programs.

The agreement comes as PFF works to expand its offerings beyond its well-respected and innovative grades that are used by teams and agents in the NFL, NCAA and CFL. By building out its B2C offerings PFF stands to obtain a unique and enviable position in the market, offering solutions across a variety of verticals.

“In our effort to improve our betting product SportsDataIO proved to be the ideal partner thanks to their comprehensive live betting data and box score statistics,” George Chahrouri, Chief Experience Officer for PFF said. 

He continued: “As we evaluated the data market we found that SportsDataIO best met our needs from a coverage, technological and support standpoint. The fact that they were quickly and effectively able to add key data points to secure our relationship showed that they could be a tremendous partner now and in the future.”

Dustin Sullivan, President of SportsDataIO added: “We are proud to be the data partner for PFF. Adding another marquee brand to our stable of clients reflects the growth of our company over the last three years. We look forward to working with PFF for years as they continue to grow their relationships with teams, agents, and consumers alike.”