DraftKings commits to supporting AGA campaign for safer gambling

Image source: Shutterstock

DraftKings Inc has confirmed today that it will collaborate with the American Gaming Association (AGA) to promote the AGA’s Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly. public service campaign. 

The firm said it has committed to apply the campaign to many of its owned channels, including at retail gaming properties, to promote safer play. 

This collaboration marks the first time that the Have A Game Plan campaign will be comprehensively rolled out across a national retail sportsbook footprint where it will appear in all 10 DraftKings retail sportsbooks across the country.

Christine Thurmond, DraftKings’ Director of Responsible Gaming, commented: “We are excited to join forces with the American Gaming Association to promote their forward-thinking public service campaign, Have A Game Plan.

“Customer safety is paramount, and we are confident that implementing Have A Game Plan alongside our own responsible gaming messaging and tools will enable us to increase customer exposure to responsible gaming practices and ultimately foster safer play.”

Through Have a Game Plan, the AGA and its partners educate consumers on the basics of responsible sports betting while increasing awareness of problem gambling. DraftKings will roll out campaign signage, including physical and electronic posters, at its retail properties. 

The aim is to teach patrons about the signs of problem gambling and behaviors and practices that align with responsible sports betting. DraftKings operates retail sportsbooks in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and New York.

“Responsibility is a fundamental priority for the American gaming industry,” said Casey Clark, AGA senior vice president of strategic communications. “With more than 100 million American adults now able to legally bet on sports nationwide, it is critical to educate consumers about how to safely and responsibly bet on the sports they love.

“And bringing the Have a Game Plan campaign to DraftKings’ extensive network of sportsbooks and customers is a great way to do just that. We are thankful for their significant commitment to keeping bettors safe and educated about responsible gaming.”

Outside of the retail sportsbooks, DraftKings will incorporate Have A Game Plan into its owned channels, including digital marketing and social media, and alongside its existing responsible gaming framework, It’s More Fun When It’s For Fun. 

The company uses these channels to inculcate responsible gaming behaviors in customers, including upon their first deposit into the mobile sportsbook, and regularly thereafter. 

In addition to the Have A Game Plan campaign, the company will use It’s More Fun When It’s For Fun to promote responsible betting through social media, with ongoing content released from the DraftKings Sportsbook account to highlight player protection information and tools.