One-on-one conversations: The best way to re-engage churned players?

Image source: Enteractive

It might be an alien concept to some amid the trend towards automation at every turn, particularly from a marketing perspective, but talking to your dormant customers on the phone – and not just through standard CRM channels – might be the best way to reactivate.

We spoke to Andrew Foster, Head of Business Development at Enteractive, who told us that operators are too quick to give up on ‘lapsed’ members of the database once they have exhausted all of the typical digital options such as SMS, push notifications and emails.

He also explained why personalized reactivation with a phone call is, contrary to the stigma around calling players, actually the best way of rooting out responsible gaming problems.

Foster later maps out Enteractive’s journey towards a greater presence in the US, where there’s a raft of operators new to the market – both with a local base or more European connections – looking to make those personal connections with dormant players. 

SBC: Can you just explain what it is that Enteractive does?

AF: Enteractive helps operators convert and reactivate players in their database that have not reacted to the standard efforts made available in most CRM cycles such as SMS, Push and Email outreach. 

We call each player to have a one-on-one conversation with them, helping them make their first deposit or get active again whilst building brand loyalty. It’s like having the ability to provide VIP service to the entire database.

SBC: Why are operators sitting on a database with so many ‘sleeping players’?

AF: For many operators, player reactivation using traditional digital CRM methods just doesn’t produce results when targeting players that are dormant and have not been active for an extended period of time. 

Once they have exhausted the digital options to re-engage with lapsed database audiences, many operators put little or no focus into their churned player segments, assuming they cannot generate any substantial revenue from these players.  

Without using a third-party like Enteractive, real personalization of this process with a phone call is not a resource that’s available in-house for most operators.

SBC: Can it be difficult to strike a balance between reactivating players while adhering to rules around responsible gaming?

AF: There seems to be a stigma in terms of calling players with the assumption that it holds greater risk for the operator. In truth, the best way to root out and deal with responsible gaming problems is by talking to the players. No industry should keep their customers at arm’s length, and in igaming it’s even more important.  

By speaking to players directly, operators have the ability to uncover a potential gambling issue, and then the conversation can be tailored to safeguard the wellbeing of the player. The flexibility and dynamic nature of the telephone conversation is unparalleled when combined with solid caller training and a responsible approach to each and every call.

SBC: If we look at a comparison between Europe and the US markets, what are the differences between both the pick-up of engagement services from a B2B perspective and what seems to work best on a B2C level for the players?

AF: The US is still a very new market for many European igaming businesses, from both a B2B and a B2C perspective. What Enteractive has seen so far is that many of the current B2B solutions that have performed well in the European market have been equally well received in the US. 

With the way the market is expanding, the uptake of engagement services is increasing rapidly and the potential for the operators to gain market share with personalization and trust at the forefront of their B2C messaging will be key to long term success. 

Every player likes to feel special, appreciated and important, so operators that promote this more engaged approach will be sure to take a lion’s share of the market.

SBC: Okay, so for European operators looking to expand to the US, where does Enteractive come in?

AF: Like any market entry, the key to success is the ability to attract players to try your offering, whether they’re switching from another operator or just trying out igaming entertainment verticals for the first time. 

Enteractive can play a key role for operators looking to cross the pond, by making that personal connection with new players to get their experience off to a good start, making their first deposit or reaching out to those with a failed or abandoned deposit process. 

Reminding the players that you care about them by getting in touch for a chat has proven to be a key factor in generating long term loyalty. The success rate of Enteractive’s calls on behalf of European operators over the last 10 years demonstrates the opportunities in the US markets with our scalable player engagement model.  

SBC: And what about local US operators; should they be looking to work with established service providers from more mature markets?

AF: Of course, mature markets offer a more learned experience when it comes to the multi-faceted playbook for customer engagement.

US operators are in a great position to combine their local market knowledge with established audience outreach campaigns that companies like Enteractive have optimized over the years. Adapting existing European models will give US operators the upper hand in unlocking new revenue streams from the harder-to-reach player segments. 

SBC: How does Enteractive go the extra mile to maximize the player experience for its partner operators?

AF: Through our position as a global leader in revenue generation for operators, we’ve optimized every element of our service offering, and we keep innovating as well. We’re continually improving the player experience, with both technology and a human touch.  

Our Reactivation Cloud platform provides a bespoke technology foundation, streamlining the entire process, and making integration a one-click process for CRM departments.  And our call agents for each market are native speakers, familiar with local culture and, in particular, sports betting and casino trends. The Reactivation Cloud platform makes the experience as easy and seamless as possible, using local numbers to call the players, and offering a callback app via SMS to make our contact with them as convenient as possible.

SBC: And finally, why should we expect 2021 to be the year that Enteractive makes a big splash in the US market?

AF: The US market is a natural fit for Enteractive’s services and we have seen the impact that operators can achieve by talking to their players in European markets. 

Considering the huge push operators are making to gain a sizable market share in regulated US states, there is a real need to maximize efforts when it comes to engaging with these players and helping them have a positive experience with igaming brands. 

A great customer experience from the outset can mean the difference between a loyal player that stays with an operator for years or someone that registers and never makes a deposit.