generates more than $2m in wagers following Oregon launch

Image source: Shutterstock

A new online gaming experience powered by historical horse racing has launched in Oregon, giving residents access to slot-style games with real money and big jackpots. offers a variety of games offering wagers from as low as 20 cents a spin and in just the first couple months of play, more than $2m has been wagered on games. Several dozen Oregonians have won more than $10,000, while hundreds more have won more than $1,000.

Players simply place their bets and spin to win. The results are determined by a database of actual horse races previously run at hundreds of tracks around the country.

Luckii is licensed by the Oregon Racing Commission as an Advanced Deposit Wagering platform. A portion of proceeds from all the games are given to the Oregon horse racing industry, delivering much-needed revenues to support local jobs and communities in the state.

“We are excited to launch Luckii in Oregon and know that people across the state are just as excited about playing,” said Larry Lucas, Chairman. “We have redefined the online gaming experience with a safe, secure, and fun way to play.”

Luckii’s slot-style games follow pari-mutuel rules and players can get handicapping insights before wagering or they can simply spin for the opportunity to win a jackpot. Winnings are instant and can be easily withdrawn. 

The platform also features secure payment options, via credit, debit or bank transfer, with industry-leading safety and fraud prevention tools, as well as an Oregon-based customer service team.

Luckii is managed by ELS Gaming – a developer of real estate, hospitality and online gaming projects. In addition to Lucas, the team is led by industry executives Prentice Salter, Bill Yucatonis, Jeff Franklin and Mike Salvaris.