Floating casino proposed for Paraguay’s Triple Frontier region

Image source: Shutterstock

The Argentine company Comercial de Turismo has unveiled a project to install a floating casino in the coastal area of Puerto Presidente Franco, in Paraguay. Currently, the eight-level ship is anchored on the Argentina side of Iguazú, and is designed to feature a hotel, restaurants and a casino.

The project would include an investment of $60m and would be carried out in seven months, subject to authorization. In addition, it would generate around 200 new jobs and would be located in the Triple Frontier region, near the second physical junction between Brazil and Paraguay, the Puente Integración.

According to statements by Magno Álvarez, Paraguayan consul in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, the project represents an “unprecedented attraction in the Triple Frontier area, from Paraguay to the world”.

Local news outlet Última Hora reported that the Consulate will support the project, which is part of a proposal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to expand international investment.

Furthermore, Santiago Lucenti, representative of the Argentina company, has met with Foreign Minister Euclides Acevedo to share information about the plans.

“There’s a commitment to share the procedures with the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, so that the State Merchant Navy can authorize the arrival of this ship and have the Paraguayan flag [in it]”, he said.

“We’ll speak with the Minister of Tourism, Sofía Montiel de Afara, because obviously this is a tourist attraction, and also with Conajzar, which would be in charge of issuing a license to the casino,” he added.

As reported by local media, Comercial de Turismo will also discuss this project with Aqua Paraná Turismo, which had reactivated the Presidente Franco port thanks to a public-private alliance, so the ship can remain anchored while the company tries to obtain the necessary licenses.