Dave McDowell: The balance between control and efficiency when selecting your supplier

FSB CEO Dave McDowell was a key contributor to the ‘How to choose a sports betting technology partner’ panel (see video above) at this month’s Betting on Sports America – Digital conference. Here are his three key takeaways from the session:

Find the balance between control and efficiency

This is huge. While outsourcing is an efficient model, it’s desirable that you maintain control of the customer experience in that supplier/operator relationship. At FSB, we work hard to understand our partner’s requirements and then tailor the service we provide them.

How do you put that into practice? Well, rather than serving an operator a simple black box solution, we look to provide them with the opportunity to take charge of certain elements of trading and data feed usage. For example, if one of our partners wants to trade a certain sport or demands bespoke data feeds, that’s something we not only can cater for but actively encourage. 

So, having a strong, multi-layered relationship with your supplier is the key to success. Move away from the black box, grab hold of the keys and start your journey.

Make sure you have access to a real-time flow of rich data

Data and how operators and suppliers use it will continue to play a big part in sports betting over the next few years. It’s something we’re passionate about at FSB. 

The rich seam of data that we have within our platform is an invaluable tool for us and our partners as they endeavour to serve their players with customised, personalised messaging and experiences. Personalisation automation is at the heart of our 2021 roadmap.

Use a supplier with experience in regulated markets

We’re a business based in the UK and there’s been a huge push in recent years in this territory to promote better AML and safe gaming practices amongst the betting public. Operators have become obliged to interact with their customers better and suppliers simply need to have the data-driven systems in place to support these crucial relationships. 

This is something we’ve invested a lot in. In the US in 2021 this is likely to become a factor so it’s essential you team up with a supplier who will give you all the required tools to manage corporate social responsibility obligations appropriately.

To watch ‘How to choose a sports betting technology partner’ panel, click HERE.

FSB landed the prize for ‘Industry Innovation of the Year’ at the SBC Awards 2020, beating a list of leading industry suppliers including the highly commended Sporting Solutions.