SportsGrid, the 24-hour streaming network dedicated to sports wagering fans, has launched its STS Platform this week, offering a video content solution that aims to deliver “best-in-class” daily sports betting and fantasy sports coverage. 

The STS Platform is available for immediate syndication and integration as a hosted solution customized for publisher websites and mobile applications. The STS proprietary private label content platform acts as the syndication hub to amplify and compliment publisher’s on-demand sports video content creating pre-roll and exclusive sponsorship opportunities.

Publishers will also have access via the platform to an easy to integrate comprehensive sports gaming content solution delivering pre-game odds, over/under, point-spread, money lines with advanced data analytics.  

According to SportsGrid, the new platform serves as a sports betting content source to integrate publishers, sportsbooks, and the sports gaming audience, unlocking an entirely incremental revenue stream.

The STS cloud based hosted solution curates betting sections featuring coverage of professional football, basketball, baseball, college sports, golf, tennis, soccer, and more.  STS produces a minimum of 120 video assets per month and delivers 600 written articles every month.

Jason Sukrahj, Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Our STS Platform is live and available for immediate client integration, currently servicing over 30 million publisher video views per month and growing rapidly. We have a backlog of over 35 publishers ready to introduce the STS product experience into their native environment.”

CEO Jeremy Stein added: “The introduction of the STS Platform is the first product introduction developed by SportsGrid utilizing the leading-edge technology to give our publishers and their audience the winning edge. 

“Our top down new world tech-media stack allows the company to reduce its video cost per hour, enabling high growth through research and development. The goal is to pass these incremental revenue streams and economics onto our partners.”