Social gaming company SciPlay has announced it will be donating $82,000 to the Direct Relief organisation, a firm which specialises in humanitarian aid that is currently active across all US states as well as in over 80 countries worldwide. 

The funds come courtesy of dynamic, in-app events, which in turn were launched during the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim of providing financial assistance in order to address the lack of personal protective equipment being made available to medical teams. 

The majority of SciPlay’s core games were made available through the medium, as the organisation looked to leverage its user base of over 7.5m monthly gamers to drive the critical donations. 

Josh Wilson, SciPlay’s CEO, stated: “Our games serve as a creative reprieve to millions of users around the world. I can’t think of a better way for our gaming family to give back to the world’s essential workers. I’m so proud of both our incredible users and the SciPlay team for working together to raise and donate critical funds to Direct Relief.”

During the in-app events, promotions were tailored to gameplay, rewarding players’ achievements with donations to Direct Relief. As a result, the more game objectives players completed, the more money SciPlay in turn donated to the aid organisation.

Regarding the charitable organisation itself, Direct Relief has delivered roughly 9,000 shipments to over 1,700 health care facilities throughout the world. 

Since the turn of the year, the group has also delivered in excess of 12m N95 respiratory protective devices and surgical masks, 4m gloves, over 1m face shields, tens of thousands of protective suits, and other items to help safeguard health care workers throughout the COVID-19 health crisis.