Lottery operator Intralot has launched a new website designed for Atlético Mineiro fans to bet on the Keno Minas game. The team will obtain a percentage of the bets placed on that website.

Sergio Alvarenga, president of the Intralot Council of Brazil, explained to Itatiaia radio that this type of agreement is one that works in Europe which encouraged them to implement it in Brazil.

Intralot signed an agreement with the Minas Gerais State Lottery back in 2008 while the country’s subsidiary, Intralot Brasil, started running the Lotería Mineira in 2010 with the launch of Keno Minas. The association then paved the way for the launch of Multplix, Minas 5, Totolot, Totogol and Speed Race.

According to the website, how much the club receives depends on how many bets are placed on the website. Additionally, a 60% of the value of the bets will be returned in prizes to the player.

This week, the club announced the signing of football player Keno. Alvarenga explained that this “was pure coincidence.” “It was pure luck because we didn’t know that this was going to match the launch of our association.”

“This deal was signed to benefit Atlético with a percentage of the bets that fans place on our website,” he revealed.

When announcing the agreement, the Sponsorship Manager of Atlético Mineiro, Pedro Melo, said: “Atlético has been doing a remarkable job on social networks, with a very positive number of engagement, which makes it a very interesting channel to interact with fans. Intralot noticed this and that’s why it is now our partner in the digital universe.”