US online poker skyrockets according to Global Poker report

Research conducted by US online social poker room Global Poker has revealed that the use of online poker sites in the United States has increased by 43% following the implementation of the COVID-19 imposed social distancing and lockdown measures. 

In addition to this, the report claimed that 6.8% of the total adult American population, roughly 40m individuals, played some form of poker, whether it be online or live, on a regular basis prior to the health safety measures being implemented. 

As a result of the lockdown protocols and the inability to gather groups, the only option for players to play poker is now online, hence the increase in activity, with a 255% increase in first-time online poker players also being revealed in the report.

Global Poker has since looked to capitalize on the demand for online poker in the form of an event, launched on March 30, designed specifically for players who are bored at home. 

Titled the Global Poker Home Series and dubbed as ‘the world’s biggest home game,’ the event is set to run until 26 April and offers the chance to win cash prizes.

David Lyons, Global Poker General Manager, explained: “As long as thrill seekers are staying at home, Global Poker will give them the chance to find adventure excitement and camaraderie through online poker.”

Moreover, the rise in online poker in the US is also mirrored in Australia, where a study conducted by illion, a local credit bureau,  and analytics firm AlphaBeta revealed a 67% rise in online gambling activity.